Southwest Rainbow Youth Crew
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Southern Ute Tribal member Trennie Collins was born and raised on the Southern Ute Indian Reservation. She currently works as the Public Relations Coordinator for the Southern Ute Drum and Tribe. 

Trennie currently lives in Durango, CO with her wife, Precious Collins and has a son, Lakota who is currently in college. 

Not wanting to be confined to labels, Collins feels like she most identifies with pansexuality. She always knew from a young age that she belonged to the LGBTQ+ combmunity and has committed her time to welcoming more youth in the Southwest area to do the same. She will remain active in her community by continuously raising awareness and prevention of suicide for all youth. 


Precious Collins | 


Precious Collins is a Ute Mountain Ute woman who grew up in Towaoc, CO and attended school in Cortez, CO. In 2008 she moved to Ignacio and just recently moved to Durango. Collins comes from a varied background in which she's dabbled in youth/adult recreation programming, Native American politics and statics, human services, maintenance, facility operations and even U.S. Treasury financial management! She holds a Bachelor's Degree from Fort Lewis College in Political Science. 

As she grows older she finds a real sense of self awareness and self acceptance coming to a full circle. As this is happening she's become more involved in social issues and services such as social justice, youth development, mental health, social work, sexuality and gender studies, community organizing and public health concerns. 

I would like to help our LGBTQ+ youth find their voice and help them with whatever questions they may have and assist them in ventures they want to pursue. 

Trennie Collins | 


Bobbie Rosa | 


Southern Ute Tribal Member, Bobbie Rosa is the Program Director for the Southern Ute Vocational Rehab Program. Bobbie loves spending time with her kids and family and believes everyone has the right to love who they want. Bobbie is an ally to SWRY and is the board Vice-President.


Edward Box III |


A Native American Gay Male, is a Southern Ute Tribal Member from Southern Ute Indian Reservation. Edward lives in Ignacio, CO with his husband, Anthony Box. Edward came out of the closet at the age of 22 while living in Fort Launderdale, FL. Edward holds the position of Culture Preservation Director of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe. Edward enjoys beading, crafting, an relearning his Ute language, and teaching his culture.